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fort worth, tX


about kristina

I am a Texas girl born and raised. You can find me at Novak Hair Studios in Fort Worth,Texas. As a luxury solo artist, I specialize in brunettes, blondes, and balayage, color corrections, hair extensions, and bridal/event hairstyling. 

I am always learning the current trends, for my gorgeous clients! I see the value in using environmentally friendly hair products for healthy, happy hair for every client need. 

I believe the power of hair care is a therapeutic experience and look forward to finding the perfect look for you. After all, self-care is not a luxury; it's a necessity!

When I am not behind the chair, you can find me and my dog, Howie, searching out DFW’s hidden gems, trying new local food spots, coffee shops, finding a trail to bike/ or hike. I also like to keep up with Reese Witherspoon’s Bookclub for a new read. I really do believe that there is good in each day, you just have to stop and appreciate the little moments we have and truly seize every day!

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"Happiness is only a hair flip away"

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They say blondes have more fun, but I say it’s more maintenance than anything. Kristina is the only person I trust to help me maintain my blonde. Always ready with a honest answer about what’s best for my hair, she’s helped me become pure platinum from damaged hair dyed at home (and chopping 15” off), to going a more natural ombré blonde. She doesn’t just keep my hair healthy, but she is also a fabulous friend who is up for listening to whatever story I have of the day. Being an introvert, I feel comfortable just being myself around her, be it reading a book or bonding over beauty treatments and boys. So, you know, maybe blondes do have more fun, because it’s always a fun experience getting my hair done with Kristina. 

Kristina is the only person I trust to help me maintain my blonde.

client: julia

I found her on Instagram a little over a year ago after moving to DFW from Chicago. It is so hard to find someone you trust completely with your hair. She was patient, really listened to not only what I wanted to do with my hair that day but what my long term hair goals were, so hard to find these days! I can honestly say a little over a year later, my hair is the best it has ever been! From the amazing color (she has such magic when it comes to color) to the product recommendations. She had gone above and beyond. Truly one of a kind! I actually look forward to my hair appointments. Thank you Kristina!!!

Kristina is the
absolute best!

Client: Kelli

I was on a hair emergency when I first contacted her. It was one of those quarantine radical changes I decided to go through, and it was a disaster. Going from being a brunette to a blonde was a mission for me, but not an easy one. Thankfully for me, Kristina and her balayage technique helped me tremendously. She helped me get myself back in the middle of the chaos I was going through. She knew exactly what I wanted and helped me get to my dreamy hair. Kristina does not treat you like a regular client; she treats you like a friend and that is something not everyone is able to do. I love the fact that she helps build other women up and she is always there for you. I 100% recommend Kristina’s work to every girl out there who wants to get the best hair experience with a wonderful company.”

Kristina is not only a beautiful
woman inside and out, but
she is also a creative and
amazing artist.

client: Luisa

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