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Hey Babes!

My name is Kristina Medina, and I have been a hairstylist behind the chair since 2012. I am native to Texas, hence, my brand, TexasManeTamer. 

“Taming even the most unruly of manes, no mane is left behind. “

I graduated from Paul Mitchell the School in Arlington, TX. Since then, II have cultivated my skills as an artist by continuing to learn the ever-changing hair trends and new techniques; I have spent countless hours learning, and practicing to master my craft. 

My humble beginnings of working at a blow-dry bar helped me gain confidence behind the chair and turn my passion of doing bridal and formal event styling, into the next phase of my true artistic-self of creating custom hair color for each guest. As hair has changed throughout the years, this propelled me into finding other passions, like hair extensions, so of course, I went to California, and got certified on all the latest hair extension methods. I think it is important to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the hair world.

What truly differentiates me from others, is that have learned much more than just technique, but how to provide the most value for each of my guests. I believe that because I take the time to listen and care, this is why my guests trust my professional opinion to accomplish their hair dreams.

It is truly gratifying to see all my hard work pay off and have some of the best guests who I have grown with and created lifelong meaningful relationships! After all, life is more beautiful when you meet the right hairstylist! 

I welcome you to take a seat in my chair, and let the magic happen!

I can’t wait to meet you,


kristina medina